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Reusable heat pack heart shape

Short Description:

  • Material: Frosted pvc+gel
  • size: 11.5x11 or 12.5x12.5cm
  • color: red or OEM
  • weight: about: about 100/230g
  • Printing: your logo or information
  • Sample: Free for you
  • Package: opp bag, color box, white box, pvc box, pet box, ect..
  • MOQ: 1000 pcs

  • Instant hot packs are often referred to as “hot hands” or “hand warmers.” Most of them are small, portable packets that produce heat when activated. Sodium acetate is a key component in these packs, as it undergoes a process called “crystallization” when triggered, releasing heat in the process.

    Product Detail

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    Non-electric:Click the metal disc inside, the pack will become hot,no any elctric.

    Reusable: hot packs can be reset and reused multiple times, reducing waste.

    Convenient: As they don’t need elctricity, so they are portable and easy to use whenever you need warmth.

    Versatile: They can be used as hand warmers or for targeted heat therapy.

    Safe: Reusable hot packs with sodium acetate are generally considered safe for use. The activation process involves boiling the pack in water, which helps ensure proper sterilization.

    In summary, reusable hot packs with sodium acetate are cost-effective, convenient, have versatile uses, and are safe when used correctly.

    12.5x12.5cm, 200g


    To activate a sodium acetate hot pack, you typically flex or snap a metal disc inside the pack. This action triggers the crystallization of the sodium acetate, causing the pack to warm up. The heat generated can last for a significant duration, providing warmth for about 1 hour.

    To reset a sodium acetate hot pack for reuse, you can place it in boiling water until all the crystals have completely dissolved and the pack becomes a clear liquid. It's important to ensure that all the crystals have melted before removing the pack from the water. Once the pack has returned to its liquid state, it can be allowed to cool and is ready to be reused

    These hot packs are commonly used in outdoor activities, during cold weather, or for therapeutic purposes to soothe sore muscles and joints. They are also often used as hand warmers during winter sports or outdoor events.


    Are you manufacture?

    Yes. Kunshan Topgel are a professional manufacturer for hot packs, cold packs, hot and cold packs. We have more than 10 year experence in this field.

    Can I have my own size and printing?

    Yes. Size, weight, printing, package is customizable. We are warmly welcomed OEM/ODM.

    How long can I get the production since I place order?

    Normally sample order is about 1-3 days

    mass prodution is about 20-25 days. 

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